In 2067 JED droids were deployed by the Lunar Mining Corp, to mine the Moon's core. JED Mk1 droids are, primarily, machine operators, saviours and project managers.

This JED unit has a mismatched aluminium thumb. The result of loosing his original thumb in a, some would say, clumsy and totally avoidable Vollyball accident. 

What Is JED Mk1?
JED MK1 is an illuminated, fully articulated cold cast metal sculpture. C
old cast in iron with a light rust dusting, he is fitted with an array if LED lights which offer six selectable light patterns.

Here are his vital statistics:

  • Cold Cast in iron
  • Articulated arms, fingers and head
  • 40 LED lights
  • 6 light patterns to choose from
  • Programmable micro controller
  • Resin flower brain
  • USB power cable
  • Hight = 1 foot (305mm)

Each Sculpture has been given a personality and nick name and this is one is called SILVERTHUMB.