JED Mk1 - 'Rusty Iron'


JED MK1 is an interactive, fully articulated sculpture for display and calming effect.
Each cast is unique and, by the nature of cold casting, will come with imperfections, or as I like to call them, personalities. So no two JED sculpts are the same with details and enhancements added as I’m inspired as he's constructed him.

This edition is cold cast in iron with a light rust dusting. He is fitted with an array if LED lights and has six selectable light patterns to complement your mood or decor.

Here are his vital statistics:

  • Cold Cast in iron
  • articulated arms and neck
  • 24 LED lights
  • 6 light patterns to choose from
  • Programmable micro controller
  • Resin flower brain
  • USB power cable
  • Hight = 1 foot (305mm)

He is designed, cast and constructed by Andy Wilx.

JED will be delivered in his own wooden box including a JED logo fridge magnet.