Lunar Mining Corp

In 2048 the Lunar Mining Corporation*, deployed the first, and still most successful, extra-terrestrial mining operation on the Moon. With the Earths mineral resources all-but exhausted the need to mine other worlds became the only option.

*The Lunar Mining Corporation is one of the first nationally independent, companies that would later define the worlds ‘New Geography’. By 2063 the Earth’s population and political geography would be defined by industry, with citizenship belonging to commercial brands rather than geographical nations. The traditional notion of ‘ones Nationality’ was considered to a religious concept.



JED Mk1 was the first of the Lunar Mining Corp droids to be deployed to the Moon’s surface. The droid’s primary responsibility is for the surveying, engineering and workforce management of the mining operation.

JED Mk1 has proved a great success for the organisation and continues to run operations to this day.

The JED Mk1 droid is strong, intelligent and empathetic.

Built from Moon grade Pig Iron Ore and utilising the optimised and biologically enhanced ‘FALWA’ chipset this droid can operate ‘Mega’ operations from both the command centre and the rock face.

In addition, the droid runs many empathetic human personality encasement protocols (EHPEP), giving it better managerial interaction responses, crisis decision making and positive ecological considerations.

While this configuration makes for an efficient managerial droid it does render the unit emotionally exhausted after a long day down the mine.

To help extend the droid lifespan and ensure consistent performance the droid is issued with Lunar Mining Corps own designed and patented ‘Encapsulated Earth Brains’ (EEBs)*,

to help the them relax and unwind.


*In 2050 it was noticed that after a prolonged exposure to complex and stressful decision making, machines programmed with EHPEP would develop depression and anxiety like symptoms. It was also discovered that these symptoms could be reduced by exposing the electrical components to natural elements such as soil and plant life.

It has been suggested that this is due to the use of Bioplastics in the circuit boards. But it is still a mystery to this day.