JED is a mining droid, deployed to mine our Moon's core. Developed and deployed by the Lunar Mining Corp, JED Mk1 is responsible for surveying, machine management and operation control. JED is equally comfortable in the control room or at the rock-face.


JED Mk1 is a fully articulated, illuminated sculpture ideal for display, play and promoting a calmer environment. He is cold cast in iron and stands a foot high, (300mm).


What is Cold Casting?

Cold Casting is a process with which you can produce a designed metal object without the need for heat. Most metal sculptures are cast by heating metal until it melts, then pouring the white-hot liquid into a heat resistant mould. Very hot, very dangerous, very expensive. With cold casting you take your metal and, instead of melting it, you atomise it into a very fine powder. That powder can then be mixed into a binding agent, resin for example, and then cast in cold, safe and less expensive moulds.

This is how JED Mk1 is made. As long as there is more metal than resin in your cast, you’ll find it hard to tell the difference between a hot cast and a cold cast.


Each JED Mk1 is made to order. Each cast is unique and will come with imperfections, or as I like to call them, personalities. No two JED sculpts are the same and I’ll add details and enhancements as I’m inspired as I build him.

Your JED will be issued with a personality, a nickname and he’ll be added to the family.


JED Mk1 comes with pre-installed LED lights. They light up his head, chest and base.

The lights are controlled by a tiny micro controller and powered off the mains via a 5v USB cable, (plug not included but any phone charging plug will do).

The controller is programmed with six different light patterns which can be selected via a push-button on JED’s back. You'll have access to the Adafruit Trinket micro controller and if you know how are willing to learn, you can programme your own patterns. The wiring is kept simple so 'off-the-shelf' code will work.

The Brain

The brains are JED’s way of relaxing after a hard day down the mine. Plug in his flower brain and turn his lights to a soft pastel pulse and he can now relax.

Your JED will come with a flower brain, a real flower encapsulated in crystal clear Epoxy Resin.

But you can collect more!

You can buy extra brains and add them to JED’s collection. More flowers or maybe a wasp for when he’s cross, (lights switched to red), or some mushrooms for when he’s feeling giddy, (switch his lights to rainbow cycle).